Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Famosas Mexicanas Cachondas Follando

faces, faces

had in a earlier post I already set out a few photos, our attention is not the ass, but to draw on the face of the punished. There are sometimes plays really from remarkable, and because I am at such a sight even now can not get enough, here comes part 2 of this special.

In the first picture I am fascinated by the subdued expression of genuine fear of what will be the same. The father appeared to take measure of the first blow, and his daughter still fits - probably because she knows that she deserves punishment. There is no sign of protest, only the anxious anticipation of something irreparable and necessary.

The second photo I've chosen because of the surprised horror on the face of the young sinner. What motivates this view is well? The fact that the panties down suddenly, and she gets spanked in front of his sister's naked butt? Did her mother might have just threatened that will dance the next time the cane on The same? Or is it just well aware that her iniquity has been exposed and now the entire family knows - about how their shameful punishment?

And now ... the misery in person! How happy they would all be undone! But all repentance comes too late. She should know that it ends so it needs to end up . It can and must be no leniency, so bitter that lesson might be.

Finally, a look so dark and angry that it takes one almost breathless. Is it just might end the anger on themselves? That she has once again pushed so far that the worried parents is only one solution: to beat their times really neat the back end? Let's hope it for them. This Insight would be good to her face.


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